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Executives expertise and knowhow

Due to modern management style and approaches, coupled with quality products due to the executives expertise and knowhow, Al Kazzi has created a professional environment that helps personnel become a team and produce the high quality products Al Kazzi has become known for.

In that matter, our employees are constantly apprenticed under several knowledgeable guides and teachers who assist them in perfecting the craft of dry roasting. Nevertheless, our team regularly attends local and international seminars and workshops, reaching a certain level that qualifies them to perform supremely under the term "Total Quality Management".

Furthermore, distinguished Al Kazzi staff members participate with recent graduates in the food industry to educate them on the implementation of international quality and manufacturing standards, as well as the operation of roasting and processing nuts.

Personnel skills capability and professionalism have pushed the company to successfully pursue their quest of reaching markets across the globe.

al kazzi,baked nuts,healthy nuts,al kazzi factory
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