al kazzi,baked nuts,healthy nuts
The New Al Kazzi Factory and Laboratory Opens Their Doors
September 01, 2013
al kazzi,baked nuts,healthy nuts,The New Al Kazzi Factory and Laboratory Opens Their Doors

As Al Kazzi’s business grew, expanding the production factory became a necessity. To meet ever-increasing orders while maintaining the flavor and quality Al Kazzicustomers have come to expect, an entirely redesigned factory was essential to the continual growth of the business.

The latest technologies within food production were put into place in the recently opened Al Kazzi factory with a plethora of improvements to increase productivity while also being able to better monitor the process every step of the way.
When the nuts arrive to the Al Kazzi factory, they are first stored in a warehouse that has now had electronic automation integrated to precisely control the conditions of the storage space to ensure an optimal product. From this point they are sent onto the roasting and preparation facilities where experts in their field control the roasting process with automated computer systems. With programs for different types of nuts and mixes, quality control is a science amongst Al Kazzi’s highly qualified staff.

With the addition of cutting edge technology, the highest quality air roasted nuts are produced, but to ensure this quality reaches the hands of consumers an updated bag sealing system to prevent oxidation was engineered. Without using preservatives of any kinds, the latest sealing and storing methods eliminate the possibility of oxygen aging the nuts in between the point they leave the factory and when they arrive at stores around the world.
The final step of the redesigned Al Kazzi factory was expanding their laboratory to further test and ensure Al Kazzi products are consistent in every way, providing the same flavor customers love time and time again.

Testing done by the on-site lab, as well as further testing to ensure Al Kazzi products maintain the highest levels of nutrients possible have ensured the best methods for producing trans fat free Lebanese Style nuts are used.
Work done by their laboratories and meticulous attention to detail have resulted in Al Kazzi being awarded the ISO 22000 award for producing a product that is of the highest standards of quality, health and safety for their consumers.
With the introduction of a new factory, Al Kazzi hopes to provide an even better product to yet more customers in the region and around the world

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