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Al Kazzi Reveals Their Digital Makeover
December 01, 2013
al kazzi,baked nuts,healthy nuts,Al Kazzi Reveals Their Digital Makeover

In align with their vision to constantly look towards the future; Al Kazzi Nuts is unveiling a digital makeover. The focus of this effort is the addition of an e-commerce shop that will be a new feature on their redesigned website.
After requests from Lebanese and other internationals around the world to make Al Kazzi nuts available in their country, the project was started. The new online store will allow Al Kazzi lovers around the world to have their favorite mixed nuts varieties delivered to their door.

In the coming months the new site will launch, making it possible for anyone to satisfy their craving no matter their location. In addition to the traditional varieties available on the ecommerce site, a “select your mix” section was added to let customers personalize their own variety of mixed nuts. In an effort to further appease the desires of every individual customer, they now have the freedom to create the perfect mix for their taste buds.
Whether you want extra peanuts, a bit of cri-cri, a lot of smoked almonds or just the right amount of any other type of Al Kazzi snacks, the variety of products is only limited by your imagination.

After launching a Facebook page, and slowly developing a presence on social media to better serve their customers, Al Kazzi pursued their vision of being a forward looking company in the redevelopment of their website. As a part of this overarching strategy, theirwebsite was redesigned with a fresh new look to better represent the brand and serve their customers.

With this movement to embrace changes while keeping to their traditional recipes, Al Kazzi hopes to continue satisfying their customers as they have for the past 30 years.

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