al kazzi,baked nuts,healthy nuts
A sleek and modern logo is introduced for Al Kazzi
October 01, 2013
al kazzi,baked nuts,healthy nuts,A sleek and modern logo is introduced for Al Kazzi

Al Kazzi is happy to unveil a new logo, with a sleek style that is still familiar and consistent with the look of the brand.

Since 1980, AlKazzi has been continually progressing. The logo people in Lebanon and around the world have come to know has been evolving through the last 30 years.

With pictures of nuts in the center, and brand slogans circularly around the outside, the original Al Kazzi logo was made to reflect the professionalism of the brand and the industry the company was involved in. As word of Al Kazzi’s high quality products spread, the logo was made more simplistic over the following years.

The logos released in 1987 and 1995 were aimed at creating an image for the now well-known Lebanese-style nut producer. Though still drastically different than the logo known today, some elements can still be seen in the logo today, such as similar fonts, and gold coloring.

For the new millennium, possibly the most drastic change in the design of the Al Kazzi logo was introduced, taking significant steps towards creating what is still used to represent the brand’s image today.

The inclusion of a banner and the red color scheme have continued to be a predominant aspect of Al Kazzi branding and image to this day, with the next two logo designs following a similar direction.

The unveiling of the latest in a series of Al Kazzi logos stretching over the course of 30 years has streamlined the logo, bringing a modern design look and feel to the previous version. Through adapting the banner, and including greater levels of texture, through shadows and shading, the logo has a more 3 dimensional look while also being simpler than the previous logo.

To best portray their brand and the image of a forward thinking company, Al Kazzi is constantly working to update their image, and uphold their position as a leader in Lebanese-style nut production worldwide.

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