al kazzi,baked nuts,healthy nuts
al kazzi,baked nuts,healthy nuts
Al Kazzi Reveals Their Digital Makeover
December 01, 2013
In align with their vision to constantly look towards the future; Al Kazzi Nuts is unveiling a digital makeover. The focus of this effort is the addition of an e-commerce shop that will be a new feature on their redesigned website. After requests from Lebanese and other internationals around the ...
al kazzi,baked nuts,healthy nuts
A sleek and modern logo is introduced for Al Kazzi
October 01, 2013
Al Kazzi is happy to unveil a new logo, with a sleek style that is still familiar and consistent with the look of the brand. Since 1980, AlKazzi has been continually progressing. The logo people in Lebanon and around the world have come to know has been evolving through the last 30 years. With ...
al kazzi,baked nuts,healthy nuts
The New Al Kazzi Factory and Laboratory Opens Their Doors
September 01, 2013
As Al Kazzi’s business grew, expanding the production factory became a necessity. To meet ever-increasing orders while maintaining the flavor and quality Al Kazzicustomers have come to expect, an entirely redesigned factory was essential to the continual growth of the business. The latest ...
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