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Founded in the year 1980

Mr. Joseph Al Kazzi built the company from a modest family-run business, to a leader in the field of roasted nuts. Al Kazzi has survived years of destructive civil war, increasing competition and various other setbacks by sticking to firmguiding principles and Mr. AL KAZZI's vision for the company. He believes you must persevere and be tenacious in pursuing what you are passionate about, which in our case is providing a healthy, enjoyable snack without compromising quality or taste.

Holder of an ISO 22000 certificate, ALKAZZI 24000 m2 factory has the capacity to meet the increasing demand for its extended product line. The company employs a dedicated team of over 150 skilled workers and experienced operators.

For over three decades, Al KAZZI has earned a reputation fortrust and integrity with consumers and trading partners.

While the work ethics and perfected recipes remain true to AL KAZZI's tradition since the humble beginnings, new modern technologies allow for large scale production to cover all local regions and expand into the global market.

As the company continues to expand, we keep reminding ourselves of our primary purpose: to provide our consumers with an enjoyable experience, earning their confidence every day, with every pack.

Our People

AL KAZZI's fundamental principle is that our dedicated employees are our most valuable assets.

Through continuous apprenticeship and training, operators, supervisors and managers hone their skills and perfect their craft to offer the best to our customers.

We create an environment of openness and cooperation conducive to forming effective and collaborative teams who provide innovative solutions to market challenges.

We work as a team to reach the highest level of professionalism in order to actualize the principle of "Total Quality Management" and meet increasing consumers' expectations.

Coaching and passing on knowhow from generation to generation is the key to our sustainable success.

Our Vision and Mission

Al Kazziaims to become a strong and world-renowned brand, and to stay ahead as a leading reference in the techniques of Lebanese-style nut production. Years of perfecting our method of air roasting to create a healthier snack through our baked not fried process, hasallowed us to produce nuts that are both healthy and superior in taste.

Withfinely selected ingredients and our attention to every process detail, we hope to promote well the Lebanese-style of nuts worldwide and compete with international companies on quality and taste.

AL KAZZI strives to get ready for tomorrow, today. To achieve this, we focus on empowering our staff and developing the highest standards in manufacturing exceptional roasted nuts while ensuring product and people safety.

We will endeavor to maintain the consistently high quality our consumers have come to expect while sticking to the principles the business was founded upon.

In parallel, we seek to provide our employees with opportunities for fulfillment and growth in their job.

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