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The Al Kazzi factory upkeeps the highest standards of quality, safety and cleanliness.
Through over the last 30 years, a small family company has expanded into an international leader in the industry. As Al Kazzi expanded, so did their factory. From their founding to current production methods, nothing has changed except the quantity able to be produced. Great care has been put into maximizing production, while sticking to the high quality standards and air roasting method that made them famous for offering a delicious alternative to fried nuts.
al kazzi,baked nuts,healthy nuts,al kazzi factory
Air Roasting
The health benefits of nuts are many;however, most nuts are fried. The Al Kazzi roasting method eliminates unhealthy trans-fats, leaving healthy non-saturated fats that are an essential part of a well-balanced nutritious diet. As all Al Kazzi nuts are baked not fried, containing no excess oils and grease, they offer a delicious alternative to fried nuts.
al kazzi,baked nuts,healthy nuts,al kazzi factory
Research and Development
We are constantly adding new products, most recently a range of cri-cri and crackers with a variety of flavors to satisfy all tastes. AL KAZZI sponsors graduate university students in the Food and Nutrition field and encourages them to probe innovative ways of roasting and processing nuts to meet the heightened consumers' expectations for healthy and enjoyable snacks.
al kazzi,baked nuts,healthy nuts,al kazzi factory
Safety and quality
Al Kazzi puts great effort into ensuring that our factory, production methods and products uphold the highest international standards for safety and quality for both our employees in the factories, and customers snacking around the world. That is why we are ISO 22000 certified for our entire operation.
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