al kazzi,baked nuts,healthy nuts
al kazzi,baked nuts,healthy nutsal kazzi,baked nuts,healthy nutsal kazzi,baked nuts,healthy nuts
Newsflash…Despite what you may have heard, nuts are actually VERY healthy and a vital part of your daily diet. They contain healthy fats as well as heart-healthy nutrients, generous amounts of protein and other disease-preventing nutrients. According to the latest studies, including nuts in your regular diet may even help you live longer. Who can argue with that?

As a leader in the production of high quality nuts, Al Kazzi ensures great tasting products, free from harmful oils and other unhealthy additives. We promise to provide the highest quality nuts and keep them always baked, never fried. Now dig in!
al kazzi,baked nuts,healthy nuts
Single Nuts
Cri Cri, Sunflower Seeds, Cashews, Pistachios, Salted Almonds, Smoked Almonds, salted peanuts and more.
al kazzi,baked nuts,healthy nuts
Mixed Nuts
Choose amongst our famous mixed nuts collections with a mixture recipe for every appetite.
al kazzi,baked nuts,healthy nuts
Select Your Mix
Want to make your own assortment of mixed nuts? Customize yours with over 30 different ingredients to make the perfect mix for you.
al kazzi,baked nuts,healthy nuts
Select Your Mix
Packed Single Nuts
Packed Mixed Nuts
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